Irish Language Courses on the Dingle Peninsula

Irish Language Courses on the Dingle
tá siad ag foghlaim Gaeilge - they are learning Irish

Learn and love the Irish language through an immersive experience in a natural friendly setting on the Dingle Peninsula. Try a short course in Irish in the heart of the West Kerry Gaeltacht and practice your skills amongst native speakers. There are a wide range of courses on offer to suit the Irish Language learner and speaker at all levels, from complete beginner to fluent speaker.

Oidhreacht  Chorca Dhuibhne Building with playground in foreground, Ballyferriter, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne

Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne caters for adult learners, providing Irish language courses, heritage and activity courses and classes throughout the year. They run a range of short courses to suit the Irish Language learner and speaker at all levels, from complete beginner to fluent speaker. Specialist courses are available on request.

Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne, based in Baile an Fheirtéaraigh (Ballyferriter, Co. Kerry) is in existence since 1980. Through various activities, publications and projects, including a regional museum, they promote and maintain the very rich linguistic, archaeological and cultural heritage of Corca Dhuibhne.

Irish language sign for Ballyferriter, Dunquin and Ceann Trá Dingle Peninsula Ireland

Coláistí Chorca Dhuibhne

Coláistí Chorca Dhuibhne run immersive Irish courses for School Students & Trainee Teachers on the Dingle Peninsula. In the early summer, school students from all around Ireland stay for three week-long Colaistí Samhraidh or Summer Language Colleges.
Coláistí Chorca Dhuibne is an Irish College in the Dingle Gaeltacht providing Irish Courses for the 10-18 age group. Courses are held in Ceann Trá, An Fheothanach, Lios Póil, An Mhuiríoch and Baile an Fheirtéaraigh

Irish language course poster for CFLT Cloghane Brandon showing a family and list of activities, Dingle Peninsula Co.Kerry Ireland

Comharchumann Forbartha an Leith Triúigh Teoranta

CFLT (Comharchumann Forbartha an Leith Triúigh Teoranta) in Cloghane and Brandon run a series of Irish language-related courses and activities for adults, teenagers and families. They also provide a range of fun activities to keep children occupied allowing them to sample the Irish language in a relaxed environment – these facilities are offered through the Campa Samhraidh Summer Camp.

Irish Courses on the Dingle Peninsula