Wellbeing and Health on the Dingle Peninsula

 tá daoine an-sásta anseo - there's a really good feeling here


While the physical side of our beings needs regeneration and rest on holidays - so does our mind and spirit.

Dingle Peninsula offers the perfect setting for a complete immersion into nature, with its remote and sparsely populated location. A modern vibrant food culture, rugged scenery and a landscape that is a playground for outdoor activities make this an ideal place to retreat and rejuvenate. Stroll or run on beaches where you can be truly alone and at peace, soak in a seaweed bath. Learn a new skill such as foraging, photography, pot throwing or baking brown bread.Take some time for yourself.

While you are here take care of your body, soothe your mind, or just indulge in some rest and relaxation,

By visiting a therapist, a personal trainer or doing a workshop you can make your holiday a transforming experience. Visit a nutritionist, get a massage, learn about meditation and mindfulness.Whether your motivation is health, fitness or peace of mind, Dingle Peninsula offers the perfect escape from the stresses of modern life.  The mix of fresh air and outdoor fun along with cosy accommodation, good food and a slower way of life will send you home feeling rejuvenated, rebalanced and de-stressed.

Wellbeing and health Providers

Wellbeing and Health Experiences

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