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Castlegregory - Caisleán Ghriaire

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Castlegregory - Caisleán Ghriaire

Lovely little village with great pubs and restaurants and also the hub of watersports such as windsurfing surfing and kitesurfing. Good place for Anglers and Lake fishermen due to proximity to Brandon Bay, Lough Gill and Gleentenassig Forest.

The village is named after a castle constructed in the sixteenth century by Gregory Hoare, a local chieftain. The castle was destroyed during the Cromwellian wars in 1649. There are, however, a few stone fragments. One of these bears a mysterious inscription, and in the 1850s a tragic romantic (and completely fictitious)  story was invented about the castle, and which can be read here.



Welcome to Castlegregory
Welcome to Castlegregory
Miles of sandy beaches to walk
Miles of walks by sea and mountains
Stop and enjoy the village
Stop and enjoy the village
Quiet village streets
Quiet village streets
Lough Gill sign
The many attractions of Lough Gill
  • Address: Castlegregory
  • Distance from Dingle Town: + 20km
  • Nearest Town or Village: Castlegregory / Caisleán Ghriaire



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