Film Locations on the Dingle Peninsula

Ceann Sibéal

The Dingle Peninsula, a landscape that is truly magnificent, inspirational, spiritual and humbling. It is a place where the language and culture of coastal villages and townlands have been custodians of great heritage, literature and hospitality. 

This is the landscape that inspired Film Directors David Lean, Ron Howard and Studio Giants - Disney Lucasfilm Ltd. to come and to capture this captivating place in all its glory.

Since the 1930’s, the Dingle Peninsula has hosted the filming of 5 major motion pictures: Star Wars - The Last Jedi, Song of the Sea - animated film, Far & Away, Ryan’s Daughter and Playboy of the Western World.

Follow our Dingle Peninsula Film Location trail to view some of the locations that were used in these movies.

Dingle Peninsula film location trail

1.Inch beach

Inch or Inse (Oileán Ínse - Island of Inch) is a spectacular stretch of golden beach stretching out into Dingle Bay. This sandspit of Inch beach, with dramatic dune system, was a film location for Ryan’s Daughter and Playboy of the Western World


2. Minard Castle

Minard Castle, a stronghold for the Knights of Kerry was attacked by the English Cromwellian army in 1650 and structurally damaged. The ruin is seen briefly in Ryan’s Daughter as the tower where the Major and Rose meet on horseback. Minard Castle is on private land with no access but is easily viewed from the road and small beach.

3. Ventry Beach

The Oscar nominated animated children’s film ‘Song of the Sea’ by Cartoon Saloon was inspired by Ventry Beach. Influenced by traditional folk tales the story tells of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea.

4. Beehive Huts at Fahan Ventry

Experience the character of real Beehive Huts as built by the monks on Skellig Michael.  These drystone Beehive huts or clochauns/clocháns have been built over centuries, using the ancient method of corbelling. Courses of flat stone are laid so that each course projects inwards more than the one below. The sides curve into almost meet at the top and the roof is closed with a single slab. Skellig Michael can be seen from these locations - weather permitting.

5. Slea Head

From the tip of Slea Head there are fantastic views of the Blasket Islands and the craggy outcrop of Dunmore Head on the mainland - Ryan’s Daughter and Star Wars film locations. Dunmore Head’s craggy coastline made an ideal place to hide Luke Skywalker’s X-wing featured in Star Wars and for the green milk scene on Ahch-To.

6. Coumeenole Beach

The dramatic beach of Coumeenole, a very popular stop on the Slea Head drive was the location for the Ryan's Daughter scene with the villagers loading arms. A Commemoration Stone for Ryan’s Daughter was erected beside the car park overlooking the beach in 1999 on the 30th anniversary of filming.

7. Dún Chaoin

The parish of Dún Chaoin as featured as the locations for Ryan’s Daughter - the schoolhouse and the barracks. The schoolhouse is very close to the The Great Blasket Centre and if you park there, a narrow pathway leads from below the centre along the cliff leading out to the house.

8. Clogher Head

The bus stop scene in Ryan’s Daughter was filmed here and the village in Far and Away starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was constructed nearby. This is a great viewing point for the headland of Ceann Sibéal, film location for Star Wars - The Last Jedi.

9.Baile an Fheirtéaraigh

Baile an Fheirtéaraigh (Ballyferriter) Village - ‘The home of Star Wars’. This village overlooking Ceann Sibéal was a centre for the cast and crew during the making of StarWars - The Last Jedi. The most popular was Peter Mayhew who, after the filming, showed up at the local school in full Wookie costume.

10. Músaem Chorca Dhuibhne

Músaem Chorca Dhuibhne - Baile an Fheirtéaraigh (Ballyferriter). The nine feet high fibre glass cross slab that marked the bus stop in Ryan’s Daughter stands outside the museum. There is a display panel about the movie inside this interesting local museum.

Ceann Sibéal

This is the Star Wars Episode VIII location of the old Jedi temple where Luke begins Rey's training in the ways of the force. A collection of beehive-shaped huts was built to reproduce the beehive huts of Skellig Micheal. The rugged coastline and dramatic scenery set the scene as ocean world Ahch-To. The set was removed completely after filming and the site is on private farmland. You can get spectacular views of this location from viewing points on the Slea Head Drive and from nearby walking trails.

Map of Film Location sites on the Dingle Peninsula

The key Film Location sites on the Dingle Peninsula are numbered and can be followed as a trail or visited individually.


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