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Lispole & Minard - Lios Póil & An Mhin Ard

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Lispole & Minard - Lios Póil & An Mhin Ard

Lispole (Lios Póil) is a scattered community, bounded on the north by mountains and on the south by cliffs and inlets of Dingle Bay. Historically the area consists of two parishes, Kinard (Ceann Áird) and Minard (An Mhin Aird).

At Kilmurry Bay in Minard are the remains of Minard Castle towering over a dramatic storm beach of large rounded boulders. Nearby are the holy well of St.John, still visited on the saint's "pattern day".

At Kinard is the small beach of Béal, overlooked by the seastack known as An Searrach or The Foal. The beach is much used by sea anglers.

Lispole village, with its church and shops grew up around the bridge over the Owenalondrig River in the nineteenth century. To the north of the main road can be seen Lispole Viaduct, an impressive relic of the Tralee and Dingle Railway.


Lispole Viaduct
Lispole Viaduct
Old AA sign in Lispole village
  • Distance from Dingle Town: 5-10km
  • Nearest Town or Village: Lispole / Liospoil



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