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óstán - hotel

Hotels on the Dingle Peninsula come in their own unique shapes and sizes. Hotels can include modern premises or intimate old-world inns. They will all offer meals and refreshments and have bars. They operate under a five-star rating system. Some hotels choose to remain unclassified.

Guesthouses vary from five-bedroomed family homes to larger professionally-serviced modern units. An informal atmosphere and personal attention are features of this category. The availability of meals to non-residents is not a requirement; however, some provide this service. Guesthouses operate under a four-star rating system. Some guesthouses may choose to remain unclassified.

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Hotel accommodation offers you your own room and en suite bathroom and you are served a cooked breakfast in the morning.

They offer facilities such as guest lounges, food and bar service.

Hotel reception staff will help you with local information, recommendations and travel advice. Most hotels offer off-street parking.


Guesthouse accommodation offers you your own room and en suite bathroom and you are served a cooked breakfast in the morning. Personal attention and advice is offered by the owner and host. 

Hotel and Guesthouse accommodation on the Dingle Peninsula


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