Wren's Day: December/Nollag
Lá an Dreoilín
26th December


Lá an Dreolín, or Wrens Day, is an Irish tradition that takes place on the 26th of December each year. (Read more about the history of Lá an Dreoilín here)

The tradition of Lá an Dreoilín, is thriving in the town of Dingle, with residents of the town taking part in a number of Wren groups, parading around the town, while hundreds line the streets and join in the festivities.

Traditionally musicians would march wearing straw ‘rigs’, and other accessories made of straw, but now, anything goes! From glitz and glam, to the downright bizzare, as each street in Dingle town wear  colours indicative of the Wren they represent.

The Green and Gold Wren HQ is in O’Flaherty’s Pub; among their ranks is legendary broadcaster Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh. Blue and white are the colours of the Sráid Eoin Wren, while The Quay Wren wear green and white. The Goat Street Wren meanwhile wear the Dingle colours of red and white. Other Wrens congregate in Dingle, with wrens also taking place in Lios Póil, Clochán – Bréannain along with Dreoilín Dhún Chaoin.

The action normally gets underway around midday, when the Wren groups weave their way around the town, towards the Marina and back again, playing a series of tunes along the way. Traditional stops along the route include the Dingle Hospital, each Wren visits the wards of the hospital and bring some joyful festivities to the elderly patients.

The music continues throughout the day and well into the evening, each Wren also collect for a charity along the way.

Lá an Dreoilín is a beautiful local festival, and visitors to Dingle are most welcome to see this longstanding traditional display.


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