Photography on the Dingle Peninsula

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grianghrafadóireacht - photography

Many people come to the Dingle Peninsula to try and capture the magic and spectacular scenery of this most westerly point in Europe. Whether you are a professional photographer, or a keen amateur you will find amazing vistas and unique natural surroundings guaranteed to inspire and delight. Ancient landscapes of dry-stone walls, majestic mountain peaks and sheer sea cliffs compete with the raw forceful energy of the ocean. North Atlantic Ocean weather fronts bring a special quality of light, creating atmospheric mists and bewitching sunsets.

Stormy beaches, abandoned villages, and a rich cultural life will beguile and tease the photographer’s eye. Long summer nights of lingering twilight and dramatic winter sunrises become extra special when experienced on a long narrow mountainous peninsula jutting out into the ocean. 

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Photography Courses

If you are a beginner who would like to learn about photography or a professional seeking location tips and advice there are talented and experienced photographers ready to teach and assist. A series of photography workshops and courses are held every year on the Dingle Peninsula and the area is a favourite destination for photography groups and clubs. 
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Hiring a photographer

If you would like to book a photographer on the Dingle Peninsula to record an event or capture a special family gathering please see our list of local photographers below.

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Photography on the Dingle Peninsula

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